Pan-European Stakeholder Consultation meetings

The Pan-European Stakeholder Consultation (PESC) meetings aim to support the engagement of stakeholders in the IPBES processes at the regional scale. These conferences bring together representatives of a great variety of institutions and organisations, including ministries and administrative bodies, NGOs and civil society organisations, as well as scientific institutions from three UN-regions: Western European and Others Group (WEOG), the Eastern European Group (EEG), and the Asia Pacific Group. Its objectives are to provide an opportunity for networking and exchange among the stakeholders of the ECA region, to strengthen their capacities for engaging in IPBES, and to produce input to the process, e.g. group work sessions to review and comment on IPBES draft documents, sometimes in the presence of the authors.

This year's edition will take place from 3-5 July in Kastamonu, Turkey. Find out more about it here: PESC-7.

Find out more about previous PESC meetings: 

  • PESC-1 in Leipzig, Germany (2013)

  • PESC-2 in Basel, Switzerland (2014)

  • PESC-3 in Leipzig, Germany (2016)

  • PESC-4 in Vácrátót, Hungary (2017)

  • PESC-5 in Bern, Switzerland (2018)

  • PESC-6 - virtual meeting (2020) 


Watch the videoTime shift to 2023 – A better world thanks to IPBES” produced during PESC-1!