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About Us




The goal of the Europe & Central Asia Network of organisations engaging in IPBES (ECA-Network) is to support the national platforms, merge their long-term experience in IPBES and related processes, and provide a common space for sharing knowledge, resources, opinions and lessons learned regarding IPBES.

The specific objectives of the ECA Network are:

  • Linking national platforms working on IPBES-related issues in Europe and Central Asia
  • Facilitating the ongoing development of a European network working on IPBES issues
  • Stimulating and supporting the establishment of national platforms in interested countries
  • Illustrating the organization of the IPBES landscape on the particular national level
  • Supporting capacity building and mutual understanding
  • Posting up-to-date information on the IPBES and related national and international processes and events
  • Facilitating information exchange and dissemination

The network currently counts ten countries: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.

Interested national platforms are warmly invited to join the network. For more information / to become a member of the ECA-network / to be added to our ECA mailing list, please contact For Hilde Eggermont:



last modified on 14 Oct 2016