National Focal Point: 

Mme Adèle Fardoux, Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs

French Committee for IPBES: 

Coline Léandre, Foundation for Research on Biodiversity



+33 (0)1 43 17 66 93

+33 (0)1 80 05 89 32 




The French Committee for IPBES was created in 2013 to answer IPBES calls and to prepare the positions of the French Government at the IPBES plenary sessions.

The French Committee for IPBES is a tripartite body composed by representatives of the research community (research centres and universities), of the Ministries (Foreign Affairs, Research, Environment, Agriculture, Overseas) and of stakeholders (who are organized through the FRB’s Stakeholders Advisory Board, comprised of more than 240 organisations).

The Foundation for Research on Biodiversity (FRB) supports France’s involvement in IPBES work since 2011, to ensure the mobilization of French experts and to circulate and share information about IPBES at the national level. FRB also hosts the Secretariat of the Committee.



  • IPBES French National Committee meetings (4 per year)
  • Newsletter : “La lettre du Comité français pour l’IPBES“  (5 issues so far)
  • Joint workshops organised in collaboration with the IPCC French focal point for IPCC and IPBES French experts (annually since 2014)
  • Valorisation of IPBES products at the national level: communications with the media, high-level event on pollinators, poster on scenarios and models at scientific conferences
  • Input on IPBES work documents submitted to the Platform as stakeholder (e.g. review of draft assessments, of the work programme…)



  • Capacity-building focusing on European and French-speaking African countries, to support them in setting up similar coordination structures for IPBES at the national level
  • In-kind additional support for the implementation of IPBES work programmme (e.g. additionnal meeting of the authors of a Chapter of the global assessment organised in FRB CESAB venue in Aix-en-Provence)
  • FRB hosts the TSU for IPBES assessment of the sustainable use of wild species. While ensuring IPBES’ work independence and confidentiality, the Secretariat of the French Committee provides the TSU with its expertise on IPBES processes, and on Member States’ expectations.European countries. 



The engagement with stakeholders relies on an original body established by the FRB since 2010, the Stakeholders Advisory Board (SAB). As of January 2020, the SAB is made of more than 240 stakeholder organisations, structured in 5 groups (biodiversity management, genetic resources, biodiversity conservation, economic and industrial actors, socio-political activities). Stakeholders provide practical expertise and take part in FRB activities, working on research questions applied to society in collaboration with the FRB’s scientific council. Stakeholders can join the SAB at any time. Each of the five COS’s groups are represented by two members in the French Committee for IPBES. 

The French Committee for IPBES organizes workshops for stakeholders to:

  • Provide input to IPBES work, by enhancing participation to the external review of the draft summary for policymakers. FRB talks participants through the review process, support them in formulating comments in a clear, efficient way and submit the comments on behalf of the group to IPBES Secretariat;
  • Reflect on IPBES key messages and outcomes, by bringing the messages to the national audience, discussing what they entail for stakeholders depending on their sector and encouraging thinking further on the actions that stakeholders can take to preserve and restore biodiversity.